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3500m2 granite / Cast iron street furniture / 150m Ampitheatre

A very high specification job. The paddington basin has had a complete redevelopment. Our work consisted of groundworks, 278 works, paving and street furniture along side the canal and to the surrounding new residential high rise. Once the waterproofing had been completed we laid out our membranes and drainage mats, void filler was used to bring up levels. K-Form shuttering system was used with dowel bars and re-enforcing mesh. Concrete was poured and tamped to the correct levels ready for paving to be laid. 3500m2 of concreting and high spec granite paving and setts were laid and grouted. Installation of feature cast iron planter walls, bollards and feature lighting walls were lowered into place by ourselves and fixed. The centre piece to the external works was a water feature that was incorporated into the paving. We built an amphitheatre surround to the water feature with machine laid 2 tonne blocks of granite and cladding. The finished job is spectacular and we at streetpave are sure its going to be an award winner in 2015.