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3000m2 Granite paving / 500m3 concrete / 700m aco drains / 800m kerbs

This development was awarded a Principal Bali award in hard landscaping 300k – 1.5 million. Our work consisted of many elements. Groundworks, 278 works, paving, cladding, resin bonding and concreting. Areas were excavated where required. Manholes, chambers and ducts were installed where required. Areas were bought up to level by either void filler or compacting type1. Re-enforced concrete was poured ready for the paving to be laid. 3000m2 of high spec granite paving was laid. 500m3 of re-enforced concrete. several hundred metres of ace drains and conservation kerbs. Street furniture, large granite special kerbs, resin bonding, cladding and stainless steel edges were also laid to this multi award winning development. Another Streetpave favourite.